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Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Regardless of fault, you are responsible for loss or damage to the rental vehicle resulting from collision, theft, or vandalism, unless you purchase this protection. C.D.W. coverage eliminates your financial responsibility for loss of or damage to the vehicle, and eliminates your out of pocket deductible. This coverage also reduces the risk of increased personal insurance premiums. CDW does not cover windows, tires, rims and hubcaps. The cost for this insurance ranges between $23.95 – $36.95, depending on the type of vehicle rented.


Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

P.A.I provides accidental death and medical expense benefits for you and your passengers. This protects your passengers while they enter, occupy, or exit the vehicle, and pays in addition to any other insurance coverage. $3.95 per day. 



Loss of Life: $100,000 

Medical & Ambulance: $1,000 



Loss of life: $10,000 

Medical & Ambulance: $1,000


The maximum total benefits that shall be payable in the aggregate for all covered individuals for any covered occurrence is $150,000 regardless of the number of persons.


For more information, click here.


Personal Effects Coverage (PEC)

Personal Effects Coverage provides limited coverage for your personal belongings from loss or damage caused by theft, damage, or accident to your rental car. PEC provides reimbursement for the actual cash value of most items subject to certain maximum, deductibles, limitations and exclusions. Personal Effects Coverage protects YOUR personal belongings as the primary renter and those of your immediate family traveling with you.


The maximum Personal Effects Amount per person is $525.00, subject to a per claim deductible of $25.00.


The cost for PEC is $3.95 per day.


Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)

S.L.I. provides protection from claims against you for injury, death, or property damage. It provides liability protection up to $1,000,000, and minimizes risk to personal assets. $14.95 per day.

Credit Cards

All rentals require a valid major credit card under the same name as the person renting the vehicle at the beginning of the rental. Debit/Check cards are not allowed at the beginning of the rental. You may make a final payment with a debit card, check card or cash when returning the vehicle. Checks are not accepted.

Debit Cards

We do not accept debit or check cards at the time of rental or at the beginning of the rental. When making a reservation debit cards/check cards are not allowed for Pay Now rates. You may make a final payment upon returning the vehicle with a debit card, check card or cash. Checks are not accepted.

Car Rental Service for People with Disabilities 

Hand Controls

Cars equipped with Hand Controls (a device which attach to the gas and brake pedal of the vehicle) are available at Royal Rent-A-Car. At no extra charge, you can reserve a car equipped with hand controls with reasonable advanced notice; requiring at least 72 hours.

*While we can provide hand controls on certain vehicles within our fleet, due to customer safety and vehicle availability considerations, we cannot provide a hand control device on every model or confirm a specific make or model for a reservation.


Spinner knobs for steering wheel control are available at no extra charge but must be reserved at least 72 hours in advance.

Surrogate Drivers

Customers with disabilities who do not have a driver’s license can still rent a car (sign as guarantor with his/her credit card) with Royal Rent-A-Car when accompanied by a surrogate driver who presents a valid driver’s license and meets our minimum age restrictions and other normal rental qualifications (surrogate driver need not produce a credit card)

Please note: Customers will be responsible for their disabled parking permit, as Royal Rent-A-Car does not provide International Symbol of Accessibility Permit or ISA.

If you are having any problems reserving a vehicle that meets your needs using the online reservation system, please call us at 1-800-314-8616.  

The maximum rental period is 30 days per rental agreement.

On the last day of the maximum period, the renter must return to a rental location to request a new Rental Agreement for additional days. Additional days are subject to availability if a vehicle is not reserved beforehand.

Advanced Booking Requirements

Online reservations must be made at least an hour before the pick-up date and time.


Daily Rates

Rental charges are computed based on a rental day consisting of 24 consecutive hours commencing at the time of rental. The minimum rental period is 1 day. Additional charges will apply if the vehicle is returned after the due time.

Applicable Miami airport fees and sales tax:

Privilege Fee: 5.28%

Facility Charge: $5.10

Miami-Dade County sales tax is 7.0%.

A surcharge of $2.88 per day, up to 30 days per contract, is applied to all rentals.

Child Safety Seat

Child seats are required by Florida state law for all children under four years of age. Infant, child and booster seat rentals are available. $8.95 per day.

Toll Pass Devices and Services

Opt-in to PlatePass, a pre-paid toll service from Royal Rent-A-Car, and bypass toll booths on your drive. No more waiting in long lines searching for coins or cash or waiting for receipts. With PlatePass, you’ll cruise right through traffic in the express lane.

Rental Agreement Rules

Additional Driver

Each driver must be present at time of contract, provide a valid driver’s license, and meet the age requirements. There is an additional fee of $4.95 per day for each additional driver.

Age Requirements

Customers must be 25 years of age in order to rent the following types of vehicle: Convertible, Luxury, Pick-Up Trucks, SUV, 15 Passenger Vans and Specialty vehicles. Royal Rent-A-Car is one of the few companies that allow the rental of certain vehicle classes to licensed drivers under the age of 25. However, we do charge an additional amount of $19.95 per day.

Authorized Driving Areas

Rental vehicles cannot leave the state of Florida. In addition, the vehicles may only be driven on paved roads.

Cash Rentals

All rentals require a valid major credit card not attached to a bank account at the time of rental. You may however, make a final payment upon returning the vehicle with a debit card, check card or cash. Checks are not accepted.

Driver’s License Requirement

A valid permanent driver’s license is required. Temporary or learner’s licenses are not accepted.

Early Return Policy

You only get charged for the time you rent the vehicle.

Late Pick-up \ No Show

As a courtesy to our customers, we extend a two hour grace period past the pickup time specified in the reservation. If the customer does not pickup the vehicle after two hours from their pickup time, the reservation goes into a no-show status. We cannot guarantee your vehicle to be available past the two hour extension.

A no-show fee will only apply to prepaid reservations.

Pay-Now Online Reservations

A reservation payment on RoyalRentaCar.com is a real-time transaction, the card you use is immediately authorized and charged when you confirm to prepay.

The method of prepayment cannot be changed after reservation confirmation.

All discounts and specials apply to the base rate only.

When you pick up your prepaid rental:

Both the major credit card used at time of purchase and a valid driver’s license must be presented. The names on these items must exactly match the name on the reservation.

No debit card or check card accepted at time of rental. However, can be used to make final payment upon return.

If you are unable to satisfy the credentials or requirements stated above, or unable to fulfill the mandatory credit card hold of $250 , a new reservation must be made at the prevailing rate.

The original prepaid reservation is the renter’s responsibility and should cancel online to receive their refund (minus the cancellation fee). 

Canceling a Prepaid Reservation

Cancellation Fee – If the reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours before the pickup time, a $20 cancellation fee will be assessed. If the reservation is cancelled within 24 hours of the pick up or is not picked up at all, a no-show fee of up to $50 will be assessed.

NOTE: All rentals are subject to Royal Rent A Car standard qualifications and policies of the Royal Rent A Car agreement in effect at the time and place of the rental.

Rental Extensions

You will need to contact the Royal Rent A Car office to discuss the availability of an extension. Please note: the rental rate is subject to change at the sole discretion of Royal Rent-A-Car. Make sure to ask the representative if there will be a change in rate.

Vehicle Return

The vehicle must be returned to the return location specified in the rental agreement.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Emergency Roadside Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call Royal Rent A Car at 1-800-314-8616 and a representative will make arrangements for you to be on your way as quickly as possible.

Reporting an Accident

If you are involved in an accident, please contact the local authorities. Make sure to contact Royal Rent-A-Car by calling our main office at: 1-800-314-8616 to report the accident.